The Coming Right-Wing Freak-Out

Earlier today we noted the American Family Association starting to panic over the possibility of an Obama presidency, declaring that “if the liberals win the upcoming election, America as we have known it will no longer exist.”

And it is starting to look as if abject terror is slowly overtaking the entire Religious Right movement.  For instance, Sarah Posner points us to this post from Steven Strang proclaiming, in all seriousness, that “life as we know it will end if Obama is elected”:

[P]eople who hate Christianity will be emboldened to attack our freedoms. Christianity is already persona non grata in academia and in the liberal media. People such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore, who hate God and God’s people, will think the election verifies that the nation as a whole believes as they do and will jump for glee. Meanwhile, Christians seem almost asleep. There is no outcry!

And here is Rick Scarborough warning of dire consequences for Christians if Obama is elected:

“I think what you’ll see is Barack Obama solidifying power in short order, either through the legislative process with hate crimes legislation. And then he’ll turn on talk radio with reenactment of the ‘Fairness Doctrine.’ I’m not so sure he’ll wait for an act of Congress. I think he’ll do some of this with unconstitutional but never challenged executive orders, but he will silence his critics within days,” he explains. “One thing you can always count on is [that] liberals, unlike conservatives, know how to use power — and they will use it swiftly and decisively. And all I can say is heaven help us if this man becomes president of the United States.”


Scarborough contends Obama is a committed socialist who intends to radically transform the United States.


David Corn has a good post up on the MoJo Blog detailing the varying last-minute attacks the Right is throwing at Obama right now, ranging from “Obama is a commie who hates the rich and wants to kill the American Dream” to “Obama will destroy Christianity in the United States and enslave you within an Islamic dictatorship.”