The Comedic Stylings of Manuel Miranda

While the rest of you were enjoying a lovely Friday evening with friends and loved-ones, I was stuck watching the final hours of the Values Voter Summit featuring Mitt Romney, who was as thrilling and entertaining as ever, especially considering the truly awful “Court Jester Award Ceremony” that followed. 

In an attempt to bring a little levity to what was an otherwise soul-crushingly dull event, the Family Research Council decided to have its own awards ceremony where they highlighted courts, court rulings, and individual judges they dislike.  But since, obviously, the members of the Supreme Court or Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals weren’t going to attend to pick up their “awards,” FRC decided to have right-wing figures accept them on their behalf … and attempt to be funny doing it. 

So how did that work out?  Not well. 

Here’s Manuel Miranda accepting an award on behalf of the US Supreme Court and giving us his “humorous” rendition of what goes on during SCOTUS conferences:

Who says conservatives aren’t funny?  I do!