The ACLJ Is A Sekulow Family Affair

Earlier this month Bob Smietana of The Tennessean wrote a long article about how Jay Sekulow appears to be using the American Center For Law and Justice as a means to enrich himself and his family to the tune of millions of dollars.  This was very similar to an article Tony Mauro wrote for The Legal Times back in 2005.

Of course, Sekulow and the ACLJ say such reports present a “biased and distorted picture of the truth” but you’d think that amid such reports, they’d be a little leery of doing anything that reinforce this perception … say, like getting the National Journal to write a profile [PDF] of their new Social Media Director who also just so happens to be getting married to Sekulow’s son [and ACLJ Executive Director] Jordan next month:

Anna Handzlik considers herself in job heaven. Every day, she works with her best friend – soon-to-be-husband Jordan Sekulow – to connect people with their political causes.

Handzlik has just begun a transition to the American Center for Law and Justice’s new media team. In her position, she will be blogging, working with social media, and signing on as a regular commentator for the Jordan Sekulow Show on satellite and broadcast radio stations to discuss developments in new media and how they relate to the political landscape.