The “700 Club” Scores Palin Interview

Sarah Palin continues her whirlwind media trip, following up hard-hitting interviews with “journalists” like Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, and Rush Limbaugh with an exclusive sit-down with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody: 

The Brody File is scheduled to sit down one-on-one with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this weekend in Lancaster, Pa. Expect to see clips from the interview first thing Monday morning on The Brody File … it’ll be a great chance for Brody File readers and 700 Club viewers to get a possibly different perspective of her rather than the storyline in the mainstream media.

We’ve noticed before that John McCain has been openly refusing invitations to sit with Brody, but it looks like Palin is not quite as worried about showing up to talk with a man who works directly for an “agent of intolerance.”  

It seems that all of Brody’s praying has finally paid off and, as a former journalist herself, maybe Brody can get her thoughts on his belief that journalism is a great way to spread the Gospel and win converts for Christ.