Texas Congressman Warns Immigration Will Lead to Extermination of Civilization

Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas), whose Tom DeLay-engineered district runs from the Houston suburbs to the Louisiana border, compares the U.S. to the Roman empire in decline. Poe writes in Human Events that the “invasion” in the Southwest may lead America to “the smoldering ash heap of historical insignificance”:

Our government has voiced empty words of border security and protecting our nation from foreign invasion, much like the empire of Rome in 364 A.D. when the Goths encroached into Roman lands. There were not enough border security agents to keep them out. They were not required to assimilate into the Roman culture. The Romans did nothing. Blind to Goth occupation, Rome created its own downfall and disappearance as a nation. Inability to protect borders and keep intruders out has led to the extermination of civilizations throughout history. Our government has failed with empty words of meaningless political promises to protect the American people from border invasions.

Americans are tired of the hollow, hapless words. They are demanding secure borders to keep our nation sovereign. It’s the moral responsibility of this nation to protect its citizens from invasion, to secure borders from foreign invaders before we become just another Rome and pass into the smoldering ash heap of historical insignificance, all the while the sun sets in the Southwest.

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