Terry Heads To Kansas to Justify Tiller’s Murder

I have to admit that I am having some trouble understanding just what Randall Terry’s position is regarding acts of violence against reproductive health providers.  When Dr. George Tiller was killed last year, Terry immediately weighed in, calling Tiller a “mass-murderer” who “reaped what he sowed” while simultaneously claiming that he did not advocate or support such acts of violence.

But now that the trial of Scott Roeder is underway, Terry seems to have concluded that that actions taken were entirely justified:

After three days of a relatively quiet trial, Randall Terry and three of his supporters showed up with signs in front of the courthouse this morning, as prosecutors prepared to wrap up their case for murder against Scott Roeder.

Signs reading “Tiller killed 60,000 children, Roeder’s reason, The Babies” and “Give Roeder a fair trial” greeted people arriving to the Sedgwick County Courthouse this morning.

Apparently, Terry and company believe that it was Tiller who “drove Scott Roeder to such extremity” and that his actions were not only justified, but inevitable

“Precious unborn babies — like the 60,000 slain by Mr. Tiller — have their tortured bodies thrown into dumpsters where rats and dogs devour their bodies and blood; others are strewn in landfills to decay while vermin and maggots claim their earthly remains; others are flushed into sewers where their innocent blood flows to… the devil knows where.

“Their innocent blood cries to God — as did the blood of slaves — for vengeance. Will God ignore this deafening cry? Will we pretend their blood has no place in this trial? This trial is the place where the rule of law and the “law of blood” meet.

“This jury has the right and duty to hear what drove Scott Roeder to such extremity. For the rule of law to prevail in court, Mr. Roeder must be able to tell the jury why he killed George Tiller. Otherwise, this trial is a farce, and both the rule of law and the law of blood are thrown aside. And as our nation’s history proves, such contempt for law and blood has horrific consequences.”

Terry likes to claim that he will neither “condone or condemn Scott Roeder’s actions” … but it’s becoming quite clear that what he will do is defend and justify them.