Terry: George Tiller Was Just Like A Crack Dealer

Alan Colmes interviewed Randall Terry on his radio program the other day to discuss his predictions that the passage of any healthcare reform legislation that would “force Americans to pay for the murder of the unborn” would set off “violent convulsions” and possibly even a civil war.

Terry repeated many of the predictions that he made during his recent press conference about what would happen if such legislation were to pass, claiming that many would refuse to pay their taxes and engage in acts of civil disobedience, while some would go further and begin to target facilities through vandalism and people through acts of violence.

Terry said he “starts to cringe” when protesters cross over into the latter categories, but said he wouldn’t condemn acts of vandalism, though he insists the he does not condone them either.  After some pressing by Colmes to use his authority within the movement to make clear that it does not accept acts of violence, Terry said he has already done so several times, but that the point he is trying to make is there are people out there who believe that abortion is murder and will react violently if they believe they are being forced to participate in it via their tax dollars.  In short, Terry’s goal is to get members of Congress to “step back” and consider “we might not want to push people that far and that hard.”

In essence, Terry’s point is that Democrats in Congress will be responsible for the bloodshed that might result from any such legislation.

Toward the end of the segment, Colmes asked Terry about his assertion that Dr. George Tiller was a “mass-murderer” who reaped what he sowed, which Terry defended by stating that Tiller was a victim of his own karma and likened him to a crack dealer who gets “wacked by another crack dealer”:

Of course, the key difference between said crack deal and Tiller was that the latter was a law-abiding doctor engaged in legal activity who was shot to death in church by an anti-abortion zealot.