Ten Years of The Call

It was ten years ago that Lou Engle held his first The Call rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC.  The event was, Engle claimed in his book “The Call Revolution,” the reason George W. Bush won the election:

We had gathered in September … because of the upcoming national elections. Our hope was to challenge young people to maintain a 40-day fast with prayer for our nation that would lead up to the elections. Later, when the presidential election make history with its bizarre circumstances and final victory for President Bush, I felt assured that the prayer and fasting of those youth had made a real difference in the electoral outcome.

On the tenth anniversary of that event, Engle is bringing The Call back to California as he seeks to build a “wall of intercession for the battle for marriage, as well as the battle for the sanctity of life” and unleash a “great, great Jesus movement” that will “literally be a wall that holds back darkness in our nation”: 

Ten years ago, four hundred thousand young people gathered to The Mall in DC to fast and pray. Now, ten years later the stakes couldn’t be higher. I think everywhere in America people sense we’re in a massive moment of transition. Political shifts are taking place and seismic spiritual shifts are also taking place. There are pockets of revival, souls are being saved, something is going on right now.

Also, there’s a sense of uncertainty of the future. Where are we going? California has always been at the center of great shifts. We dare to believe that at such a time as this, if the church will pray and join in united massive fasting and prayer, California could become the hinge of history and begin to release blessing, revival and righteousness back into this nation.