‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Roy Moore is Back in Business

Back in 2003, “Ten Commandments Judge” Roy Moore was removed from his position as chief justice Alabama Supreme Court after refusing to obey a court order to remove a two ton Ten Commandments monument he had installed outside the court house.

Moore became a hero to the Religious Right because of his stand and has spent the last several years running his Foundation of Moral Law organization, trying to become governor and even launching a short-lived presidential campaign

But recently, Moore decided that he would like his old job back …. and it looks like the Republican voters in Alabama agreed and have handed him a win in the Republican primary over two other candidates, including the current Chief Justice:

Roy Moore said about 2 a.m. Wednesday that even though he had not been declared the winner of the Republican primary for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court that he expected to win without a runoff.

“Statistically, there is just no way we’re going to have a runoff in this race,” the former chief justice said to reporters just before leaving his election night headquarters.

Moore, the former chief justice who was removed from office refusing a federal judge’s order, said about two hours earlier that, with him well ahead of his two competitors in the Republican primary, “the people have spoken.”

Moore was well ahead of former Alabama Attorney General Charlie Graddick and current Chief Justice Chuck Malone. He needed more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff.

With more than 98 percent of precincts reporting at about 2:15 a.m., Moore was hovering about 4,600 votes ahead of the 50 percent level he needed.

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