Telling Off the Christian Coalition


The Christian Coalition of Alabama wants to know where candidates for the state Legislature stand on a wide variety of issues, ranging from prayer in school to abortion to whether people who are homosexual should be allowed to serve in the Alabama National Guard.

The coalition has mailed a nine-page, 76-question survey to candidates and plans to use the answers in its voter guide, which will be distributed in churches across the state before the Nov. 7 general election.

The survey did not sit well with some Democratic legislators, who said they believe the purpose is to use their answers against them.

“They do it purposely to campaign for the candidates they want and to hurt the candidates they don’t want,” said Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, an outspoken critic of state Christian Coalition President John Giles.

After receiving the survey, Holmes sent a letter to Giles saying he would answer all the questions if Giles would answer questions revealing the source of the Christian Coalition’s money. Holmes has supported a bill opposed by Giles that would force the Christian Coalition and other nonprofit groups to disclose the source of money used to run ads to influence a legislative issue or a referendum.

“Until you answer those three questions, GO STRAIGHT TO HELL,” Holmes said in the letter to Giles.