Televangelist Warns of Harmful Effects of Evolution

D. James Kennedy is a prominent megachurch pastor and televangelist whose influence extends to the political realm–his Center for Reclaiming America for Christ claims to have 500,000 members willing to sign petitions against abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research, and his Center for Christian Statesmanship has honored political leaders of the Right including Alabama’s ex-Chief Justice and Ten Commandments-wielder Roy Moore, then-Sen. John Ashcroft, Sen. Sam Brownback, and then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

On his “Coral Ridge Hour” show Sunday, which is widely syndicated on the ABC Family network, Kennedy lashed out at evolution and asked viewers to donate to produce a costly anti-evolution video.

The consequences of Darwinism have been devastating. But the good news is, many in the scientific community are realizing that the emperor has no clothes. Evolution is indeed a charade. But those who dare to voice those views are suffering persecution. …

This is an outrage and that’s why I intend to do something about it. I am determined to produce a hard-hitting, brand new special exposing the controversy over intelligent design and evolution, including examining the devastating effects of Darwin’s theory. Rarely do you see anything on the consequences of evolution.

Watch the video clip: Broadband or Dial-Up.

Donors will receive an anti-evolution book published by his church, and Kennedy says, “You will be shocked at the harmful effects that evolution is still having on our nation, our children, and our world.”

Despite his considerable resources, it is still doubtful that Kennedy can reverse the effects of evolution. But efforts like his are critical in the Right Wing campaign to redefine science education in our public schools–as in Kansas, Ohio, and elsewhere.