Ted Cruz Touts Endorsement Of Anti-Gay Extremist Paul Blair

Ted Cruz is already boasting of the endorsements he has received from activists who have linked homosexuality to Ebolaviolenceterrorism and train derailments, so it came as no surprise to see the Texas senator’s presidential campaign release a statement yesterday touting his latest endorser: Paul Blair.

“Pastor Blair has been a leader for life and marriage in Oklahoma and beyond,” Ted Cruz said. “I am honored to have the support of Pastor Blair, who has been a friend of natural marriage and an advocate for unborn life. He set out to walk in the footsteps of the colonial pastors who fought for “liberty from tyranny,” and he has done so. I’m grateful for Pastor Blair’s willingness to be a ‘watchman on the wall.’

Blair, the pastor who leads the group Reclaiming America for Christ, is one of the most vitriolic gay rights opponents in the country.

He has likened his anti-gay activism to the work of slavery abolitionists and anti-Nazi dissidents, while painting the gay rights movement as a Satanic, communist conspiracy to bring down the U.S. and replace it with a world government:

One of the platforms that communism had that Marx and Engels and their students had developed for establishing a world government … it was believed by Marx that the family was a tool of capitalism and if they were able to destroy the family then there would be no need of private property ownership rights. So one of the things that they have been very working very diligently in doing is the destruction of the family, and we have seen that homosexuality is listed in one of their 45 declared goals* as trying to inculcate homosexual values, or lack of values, into the American culture and we see those that are pushing towards a global utopia are actually working on trying to promote this worldwide. I don’t think it’s an accident, I think these two things are very connected.

“You look at some of the things we’ve got going on in America and you would think we moved into the Twilight Zone,” he said in 2011. “But ultimately all of these forces — the force of communism, the force of the radical homosexual agenda, the secularist movement in America — they all have the same source, the same ultimate conspirator, and that is Satan.”

Earlier that year, he pointed to the success of the movie “Brokeback Mountain” as proof that Americans “are under attack” from “the Devil.”

Blair also produced this video claiming that the “ungodly” Hate Crimes Act, which Congress passed in 2009, would prevent pastors from preaching from the Bible and legalize pedophilia (it didn’t), and that the U.S. was about to start treating conservatives as terrorists.

Blair urged his home state of Oklahoma to defy a federal court ruling on marriage equality, claiming that the judge in the case “shook his fist in the face of God” and “6,000 years of human history,” warning that if the state doesn’t flout such rulings, then “the republic is officially dead.” He also led a protest against an LGBT-themed play and wondered if its performers should be brought up on obscenity charges.

In an interview with Rick Wiles, the host of the End Times radio show “Trunews,” Blair called for massive resistance to the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling:

*The “45 declared goals” list he mentioned was actually developed by opponents of communism.