Ted Cruz Mocks His GOP Colleagues, Calls Newtown Families ‘Props’ and Takes Credit for Blocking Background Checks

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made an unannounced appearance on Friday at the FreedomWorks Texas Summit. He profusely thanked the Tea Party crowd for their work and unloaded on his Republican Senate colleagues. Cruz also echoed his close ally Senator Rand Paul by calling the Newtown families “political props” and took credit for blocking background checks legislation (which is supported by over 90% of Americans).

Cruz didn’t merely criticize his Republican colleagues, he mocked them, calling them “squishes” who don’t like to be held accountable:

In this clip, he says that President Obama is using the Newtown families as ‘political props‘:

And here he presents himself and fellow Tea Partiers Rand Paul and Mike Lee in near-heroic terms as the band of three faces off with the Washington consensus and defeats background checks:

Cruz’s colleagues won’t be pleased when they see these clips. He may be a darling of the Tea Party, but he’s also an attention hound and a growing political liability for the GOP.