Ted Cruz Blocks Emergency Relief To Flint But Demanded Aid For Texas

According to a report in Politico, Sen. Ted Cruz is standing in the way of a bipartisan relief package for the city of Flint, Michigan, where residents suffered lead poisoning as a result of a catastrophic budget-saving move from the governor’s office.

The Texas Republican placed a hold on the aid bill even after Senate Democrats agreed to concessions in spending, stopping the bill from coming to a vote by the full Senate.

Before blocking the measure, Cruz responded to the Flint water crisis by distributing bottled water to anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers in the city.

This is far from Cruz’s first go-around in holding up emergency aid bills: He also opposed aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

However, the presidential candidate is more than happy to request federal dollars for relief projects in his home state.

Cruz pushed for such aid last year following deadly floods in Texas, and in 2013 he demanded aid after an explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant.

Just another example of Cruz reflecting “God’s love.”

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