Tea Party Nation’s Latest Homophobic Attack Targets Barney Frank

Tea Party Nation keeps pushing anti-gay attacks, from supporting anti-LGBT bullying to defending Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s clinic’s use of ‘ex-gay’ reparative therapy. Now, Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips is using the current debate on the debt and the Defense budget to launch another anti-gay smear against Rep. Barney Frank, the openly gay Democratic congressman. Phillips called on Tea Party members to oppose Frank’s proposal to cut defense spending, arguing that the Tea Party should support more spending since he believes “Obama wants to destroy the American military,” and taunted Frank by saying that the Defense Department “needs to send Frank a new ‘friend’” who can change his mind:

One of the leaders of the Party of Treason demanding cuts is Barney Frank. Right we should listen to Barney Frank. The last time we listened to Barney Frank we ended up with the sub prime crisis and a wrecked economy. And now he wants to do that to national defense? At least, unlike when he was regulating Fannie Mae, he isn’t sleeping with anyone in the Defense Department as he proposes future policy. Wait, maybe that is the problem. With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, maybe DOD needs to send Frank a new “friend” and the DOD budget will do better.

Defense is the one area, even in the time of a depression, such as the Obama depression, when we should be increasing spending. Instead of retiring a couple of aircraft carriers, what do you think would happen if the Obama regime decided to build a couple of new ones! (No, I’m not on drugs. I know Obama wants to destroy the American military. This is just a hypothetical)

If we decided to build a couple of new carriers, thousands of workers would be hired for the shipyards. Thousands of employees would be hired for the steel mills that would provide the steel for the hull and various sub contractors would hire thousands. Do you know what that means?

It means they would receive paychecks and go out and spend that money. That would help a recovery. That is a shovel ready project! Increasing spending for the military does a couple of things. It not only not only [sic] stimulates the economy, it protects our nation. That is a better investment than say spending money on teaching Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly.