Tea Party Nation Says Bin Laden Death Was “Part Of Obama’s Re-Election Plan”

Along with Andrew Breitbart’s websites, perhaps no organization has been floating more conspiracy theories about Osama bin Laden’s death than Tea Party Nation. Judson Phillips, the president of Tea Party Nation, claimed President Obama “managed to totally FUBAR the situation.” He accused Obama of only going after bin Laden to help his reelection bid, attacked him for announcing bin Laden’s death during Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and slammed the administration for not having bin Laden’s body “wrapped in pig fat before burial.”

Now, the group, which had Sarah Palin as its marquee speaker in 2010, sent an email message to its members by Amy Jo Rice of the tea party group Maine ReFounders, who writes that bin Laden’s death was simply a plot by Obama to distract America from it’s economic problems as he needed to find a way “to improve his record of leadership and running this country.” She goes on to say that the successful mission causes more problems than it solves because “we entered another country without their knowledge and carried out a military operation” and was a foreign policy failure:

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely glad that OBL is no longer walking the soil of this earth as the next person. I have to wonder, why now? Is this part of Obama’s re-election plan? That he needs to improve his record of leadership and running this country. And what better way to do that then to take out enemy number one.

As Congress returned to Washington, DC yesterday after their two week vacation, there was not one mention on the news about the economy, unemployment, debt-ceiling or the budget.

America’s problems still exist Mr. President, and you have probably added some more. We can all cheer that the mastermind of September 11, 2001 has been brought to justice, but this doesn’t come without a price. We entered another country without their knowledge and carried out a military operation. Does our Commander-in-Chief not think there will be serious repercussions from this action? So much for foreign policy. I just hope that the hype from the outcome from this military action outweighs the possible fallout.

Bringing one terrorist to justice is not the makings of a great President, nor does it make him a hero. I am sure our Campaigner-in-Chief will ride out the glory in his attempt to be re-elected. Nothing has really changed in his lack of leadership to turn our nation around and be on a road to prosperity, instead of the road that we are on that very soon ends at the edge of a cliff.