Tea Party Nation Responds To Hiring Boycott Uproar

As Right Wing Watch reported earlier this week, Tea Party Nation sent out to its members an email alert from member Melissa Brookstone calling on businesses to pledge to “not hire a single person” as a way to undermine President Obama.

Now, Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips is responding to the inevitable backlash. In an email today, Phillips writes that the boycott was just one idea of many from Tea Party members and accuses those who have decried the idea of trying to stifle free speech. The progressive backlash to Brookstone’s proposal, Phillips writes, proves that “liberalism is incompatible with liberty”:

We conservatives believe in the free market of ideas. We are not afraid of ideas. We debate ideas. We like ideas. Liberals do not like ideas because they are threatened by them.

At Tea Party Nation, we often talk about the need to defeat liberalism. Both stories are examples of why liberalism is incompatible with liberty and why it must be defeated. Liberalism is about the control of speech and thought and the suppression of any belief that does not agree with the liberal orthodoxy. Liberty means that we debate ideas and let the free market of ideas decide which one’s have merit and which ideas do not.

Tea Party Nation also sent a rambling message about the controversy from Brookstone herself, who claims that her article (which can be read here in its entirety) was taken “out of context” and that the “socialist left” raised “a literal crap storm aimed at me.” She goes on to say that now she is a victim of terrorism and that the left “seeks only to control and enslave all of humanity, as its grand goal”:

It must have touched quite a nerve with the socialist left, because it raised a literal crap storm aimed at me.

But of course the response from the left has been what it always is from them – to take things out of context, spin, lie and smear with ad hominem attacks, and I’ve born the brunt of that for the last two days.

But it could be a “blessing in disguise”. If they don’t manage to encourage some of their “useful idiots” to actually come and kill me, they may actually direct enough attention towards me, for people to see that I published a book earlier this year, based on the fundamental principles that we should own our own lives ( not be owned by “the collective” ) and that all adult human relationships should be consensual, things that the very philosophy of socialism is firmly against.

But the behavior of the left during this whole inquisition they started against me a couple of days ago, only further illustrates the psychological techniques of projection that they indulge in, accusing the opposition of the very things they themselves are doing. One guy called me a “nazi ho”, when in fact the American Nazi Party ( as well as the Socialist Party ) endorsed the “Occupy Wall Street” movement this past weekend?

Smearing me as a “terrorist”, when they post photos of me, as if to encourage people to come after me, with the intent of terrorizing me, “racist” for disagreeing with Obama ( yawn – so old and frankly, boring by now… ), and that we’re somehow all idiots because we don’t have Harvard degrees, etc… The spinning, taking out of context, smearing and lying that typifies a movement that is devoid of all reason and apparently seeks only to control and enslave all of humanity, as its grand goal.

UPDATE: Stepehn Colbert gave his “tip of the hat” to Tea Party Nation last night, 0:40 into the segment:

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