Tea Party Nation: “Liberals Love Dictatorships”

Tea Party Nation’s president Judson Phillips warns in an email to members today that if America doesn’t see the “destruction of big government” then the consequences will be grave. “Let us alter government before it becomes destructive of these ends and requires abolition,” we writes. Citing North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue’s hyperbolic suggestion that congressional elections should be “suspended” so congressmen aren’t responsive to partisan politics during the budget debate, Phillips said that Democrats – or, as he calls them, “members of the Party of Treason” – are going to impose a dictatorship because “liberals love dictatorships.” Phillips absurdly claimed that Nazi Germany, Maoist China and the Soviet Union were all based on liberalism, arguing that liberals require dictatorships because their “ideas suck”:

The desperation to impose socialism on America against the will of the American people is now being seen from members of the Party of Treason. They speak openly of the problems of liberty.

Liberals love dictatorships. In a dictatorship, they can just push their crackpot ideas and not have to worry about the little people complaining about a few minor details like, the ideas don’t work. The ideas suck.

Their model has worked so well in the past. History has the precedents of their ideas. Just look at the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and China under Mao, Eastern Europe under the Warsaw Pact, Vietnam after 1975, Cambodia and Cuba.

What Bev Perdue and the left do not want is the next election that is going sweep them out of power. This is the moment where they will be the most dangerous. Between the unelected czars and the left’s last desperate gasp, as they try to push socialism down our throats one last time, we face not only the time of greatest peril but also the time of greatest opportunity.

We must find new leaders to replace these bad leaders. The people we select must have as an overriding belief in the idea that big government must be dismantled and we must take steps to ensure that never again is a socialist in the White House.

We need to remember the words our founding fathers put in the Declaration of Independence.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,”

We must make certain we have new leaders in 2012 to replace the bad leadership we have had. We must make certain that our new leaders are committed to liberty and the destruction of big government. Our government needs much altering. Let us alter government before it becomes destructive of these ends and requires abolition.