Straight Out of the Right-Wing Playbook

Yesterday when we posted the link to our new Right Wing Watch In Focus on the Right’s playbook for stopping immigration reform, one of the strategies we highlighted was the effort to “Portray Immigrants and Their Supporters as Invaders, Conquerors, Enemies of the U.S.

Today, NPR ran a story about the immigration reform rally taking place in Washington, DC this weekend which featured exactly that sort of attack

Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce defends Arizona’s reputation as one of the most unwelcoming spots for undocumented workers in the U.S. He says those headed to the nation’s capital are promoting anarchy.

“These folks who march with no respect for the law, have no regard for the victims of crime and the damage and cost to America,” Pearce said. “Shame on them. Shame on them! They’re as treasonous and as un-American as anyone I know.”