‘Stop the Steal’ Movement Will ‘Force’ States Biden Won to Send Republican Electors to Electoral College, Says Trump Rally Organizer 

"Stop the Steal" organizers take a bow (Image from RSBN livestream of Walk Away's "Defend Democracy" rally Nov. 15. 2020)

Right-wing activist Ali Alexander, an organizer of Saturday’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C., took a bit of a victory lap at a much smaller “Defend Democracy” gathering the following day sponsored by the “Walk Away” movement and its leader Brandon Straka.

​Alexander was clearly feeling his oats after bringing thousands of Trump fans to D.C. He announced that he has told his organizers to stop applying for permits. “We’re going to peaceably assemble and if they punch us, we’re going to punch back,” he said.

​In the presidential election, President Donald Trump lost several key states to his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, an outcome that hard-core Trump supporters reject. Alexander said his team will “force” ​those battleground states to send Republican electors to the electoral college​, presumably to cast votes for Trump, even if they hail from states that were won by Biden. Alexander declared:

I want the Republicans and Democrats to know that we’re coming after you. December 14 is when the electoral college meets. And we’re going to force Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia to send Republican electors to the electoral college or there’s not going to be an electoral college!

I want 5,000 people in Georgia next weekend. We’re going to be in Atlanta. We’re gonna flood the state legislature, and we will be heard as a truly populist movement.

And here’s the good news:  If Trump doesn’t win the electoral college, and no candidate gets 270, then it goes to the House of Representatives and it becomes a House of States, and I feel kinda good about our chances there. So, don’t let anyone tell you that Trump didn’t win, or can’t win, because we’re gonna stop the steal!

Alexander had harsh words for the Republican establishment, saying that ​his Trumpist movement will continue into ​the 2022 ​midterm congressional elections, warning that “any Republican that doesn’t stand with Trump is out!”

“This party—and I’m talking to [Republican National Committee chair] Ronna McDaniel—will fly with us at the forefront or it will sink and we will kill it,” he added.

Alexander said he shouldn’t have had to organize “Stop the Steal” because the GOP had raised “hundreds of millions of dollars to do this.”

When someone asked him if it was really that important to get people into the streets, he said he told them, “Yes, we have to slow the process down enough for Trump’s stupid legal team to catch up. And we did that.”

Alexander bragged about his team getting 30,250 people in 50 states ​for “Stop the Steal” rallies through word of mouth, adding, “Thank God for OANN, RSBN, NewsMax and Epoch Times and Breitbart.”