Stick and Stones May Break My Bones…

In response to a new California law that forbids organizations receiving state money from discriminating against gay, lesbian and transgender folks, Conservative Voice columnist Marsha West gets worried about our country:

Here’s the important point: America has lost its moral compass and fallen into a pit of depravity, and the whole world knows it

According to West, without the ability to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, wholesome young people will go soft:

I don’t mean to sound like the Grim Reaper, but America’s kids have got to be toughened up before they go out into the world or they won’t survive. If they dare to say out loud that homosexuality is morally wrong, they’ll be labeled a self-righteous moralist. Or worse! They’ll be accused of being intolerant, hateful, ignorant, insensitive, homophobic, or a gay-basher. Name calling and labeling is a political tactic used to bully people. And it works!

West imagines herself a battlefield commander in the great war for American Culture:

In this day and age it’s virtually impossible for parents to protect their kids. Sooner or later the wolves will start nipping at their heals, so they had better be prepared to fend them off. In the war on values they’ll come up against liberals, atheists, cultists, occultists, New Agers, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, transvestites, rabid environmentalists, left-wing professors…the list goes on. How will the future generation triumph over the enemy if they haven’t been trained to use the weapons of warfare? If parents don’t do the training, who will?

Well, at least West doesn’t resort to political tactics like name calling and bullying!