Steven Hotze: Gays Like ‘Termites’ Eating Away Nation’s Foundations

On Saturday, Steven Hotze of Conservative Republicans of Texas addressed the anti-LGBT Stand 4 Truth conference in Houston, where he warned that “the homosexual movement” has “infiltrated” American society.

“Think of them like termites,” he said, “they get into the wood of the house and they eat away at the very moral fabric of the foundation of our country.”

He warned that this is all part of a long-term communist plot to take down America: “This is exactly what the Marxist movement was all about. If you remember, Khrushchev came and said we’re going to get your country one way or another, and the way they want to do it is to destroy the moral fabric and create moral anarchy in our country so that our people no longer live righteous lives but they’re living lives that are ungodly. And when you do that, you lack moral courage, because you can’t very well stand up and oppose people doing wicked things if you’re participating in the same activities.”

Hotze then lamented that “it’s legal to have pornography on the internet, but we, in some jurisdictions of the country, you can’t stand up and say that homosexuality is wrong or immoral activity, whether it’s the promotion of adultery or premarital sex, we can’t say that that’s wrong because that’s hate speech.” We are not familiar with any jurisdictions that ban people from speaking about homosexuality.