Steve King: Marine Le Pen Will Help Save Civilization

In an interview posted today by France 24, Iowa congressman and white nationalist Steve King praised Marine Le Pen, the neo-fascist French presidential candidate, as a great leader who will help stave off the destruction of Western civilization and the replacement of Christianity with Islam.

Le Pen, whose party “is awash with Hitler admirers and Holocaust-denying far-right nationalists,” advanced to the second round of the French presidential election after receiving the second-most votes in Sunday’s election.

King said that if France and other European countries fall due to immigration and Islam, “America could be next.” He predicted that Le Pen and President Trump, who has come close to endorsing Le Pen, “will become fast friends because they are birds of a feather.”

King has met Le Pen twice, both times in Paris. He says Western civilisation is being eroded and only a Le Pen win can stop a situation in which “churches are being replaced by mosques”.

“I’m not one to give advice to the French, but I’m really glad that they produced a lady like Marine Le Pen,” said King. “I’m one who admires her love of her country, her love of French culture, the French language, the things that the French have to be proud of.”

For King, this presidential election is the last chance to stop what he calls “an almost uncontrollable immigration flow that must be controlled or France will no longer be French”.

But the Iowa congressman foresees an even bigger ideological clash: “I’m very concerned that our civilisation itself could be subsumed in a generation or two. Through that lens is how I see Marine Le Pen.”

“If we should lose France, and if we should lose several other countries throughout Western Europe, America will be next.”

King predicted a warm relationship between Le Pen and Trump: “As a duly elected president of France, I expect that very soon after that President Trump will want to meet with Marine Le Pen and I will predict they will become fast friends because they are birds of a feather.”