Steve King: Luis Gutiérrez ‘Inflaming Hispanics Unnecessarily’ With Criticism of Immigration Bills

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who is one of the leading anti-immigration voices in Congress and who has a history of promoting white nationalist ideas, was thrilled last week at the passage of a handful of anti-immigration laws that he had introduced, telling Curt Schilling on his Breitbart News Radio program on Friday that in combination with the passage of a tort-reform bill he had also authored, it was “the most successful 24 hours I’ve had in this town.”

However, King was upset about the criticism that his bills got from one of his Democratic colleagues, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois, who he said was a “race-baiter” who was “inflaming Hispanics unnecessarily” by pointing out the racial biases behind King’s bills.

“He went to the floor with just an inflaming rhetoric, alleging racism was the full motive behind all of this,” King said. “And I actually looked through that legislation, I can’t see any reference to race; he made plenty of them however. And I don’t know what it would be about somebody like that that would say that we shouldn’t enforce the law, the law that’s clearly good for all Americans, because it might affect some of the members of the race that he would like to get inflamed.”

“He’s dividing America, he’s pitting people against each other, and he’s especially inflaming Hispanics unnecessarily,” King added. “Legal Hispanics are being inflamed by that kind of rhetoric as well.”