Staver, Scarborough Sign on to Chaps’ Rally

We wrote about Gordon Klingenschmitt’s latest crusade to save Virginia police chaplains and his threats to hold a pre-election rally on their behalf earlier this month. Klingenschmitt is holding Gov. Tim Kaine presonally responsible for the decision made by State Police Superintendent Col. W. Steven Flaherty, despite Kaine’s repeated explanations that Klingenschmitt’s crusade is misguided and misleading and that nobody “has lost their jobs or positions because of this.”

Of course, Klingenschmitt is not backing down and has now announced that a rally is planned for this weekend

News media are invited to cover the big crowds expected on Saturday November 1st, at the “Virginia, Stand Up For Jesus!” State-wide Prayer Rally outside the Governor’s mansion, at the Capital Square Bell Tower (900 Bank St) from 10-11am (arrive 9:30), honoring the six Virginia State Police Chaplains forced to resign for praying “in Jesus name.”

All pastors and news media are also invited to a PRE-RALLY PRESS CONFERENCE on FRIDAY, October 31st at 10am, at the same outdoor location, where event organizer Chaplain Klingenschmitt (and some pastors) will address the media one full day before the event.

The free, non-partisan Virginia rally will include pastors, policymakers, political, civic, and church leaders, a praise band, and a time of prayer for the chaplains, our nation and our government.

According to a separate press release, he will be joined by the likes of Mat Staver and Rick Scarborough, as well as a bunch of people we’ve never heard of:

All reporters and media are invited to cover the big crowds expected at the Saturday rally. Event speakers include Mat Staver, Rick Scarborough, Gerald Glenn, Darryl Husband, Bill Carrico, Victor Torres, Jeff Ginn, Council Nedd, and several state-trooper chaplains.