Staver: Progressives Hate Core American Values

Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver dedicated his speech at the Values Voter Summit to discussing how America’s cultural values are under assault from the left, naming legal abortion, LGBT equality and secular government as ways progressives are undermining the country’s moral fiber.


Staver: These values, these fundamental freedoms are literally at stake in the elections and also in our local communities. It is the future of American civilization that will be determined on our watch and I firmly believe that. The battles we face in America today are not about necessarily tangible borders but intangible ones, they involve the borders around life, liberty and family. And these borders like those physical borders in Israel are under intense attack. In America we are witnessing fierce battles to boot God out of the public schools and out of the public squares, to teach even the youngest of our children about sex and homosexuality, to make America a tax-supported right for any reason and to redefine the very definition of family and marriage. America is also being pushed to the verge of bankruptcy, we are about ready to hit a debt wall and if we don’t stop now that will ultimately implode America and there are those who certainly want to do that very thing. Because they don’t believe in American exceptionalism, they don’t believe in these core values, in fact they hate these core values.