Southern Baptists Must Change or Risk Dying Out

So says Al Mohler:

The president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says at least two-thirds of Southern Baptist youths are leaving the church between adolescence and adulthood.

In a speech at the seminary in Louisville, Ky., the Reverend R. Albert Mohler warned that the Southern Baptist Convention will die out unless that trend is reversed.

The problem, he said, is that many of today’s young people have reduced Christianity to a vague belief that God just wants them “to do well, and to do right and to be happy.” Mohler said Southern Baptists have an image problem, coming across as “cranky” instead of joyful.

But he added, “If we stand by the Scriptures, we are going to have to say hard things to a culture around us that will consider us backward, unloving, intolerant.”