Sheldon Wades In To Prop 8 Battle

Considering that the battle over Proposition 8 is being fought right in Lou Sheldon’s back yard, it was only a matter of time before the Traditional Values Coalition patriarch got directly involved

The campaign for a ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage is going to local clergy.

On Tuesday, it made a stop in the Whittier area. The Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition that is backing Proposition 8, gave a group of ministers some tips on campaigning. About 23 were present.

“We can give information on Proposition 8: why it’s important, why we need it and why it’s not discriminatory,” Sheldon said in the meeting at the Zoe Christian Fellowship.

“Homosexuals have the right to do what they please, but don’t hijack a name that has been identified through history,” he said.

“Let’s be adult and understand that marriage is consummated between a man and a woman,” Sheldon said. “Two men can’t consummate a marriage. Two women can’t.”

I think Sheldon will be surprised to learn that gays and lesbians are fully capable of consummating marriages, once they are given the opportunity.