Scarborough: Changing Oath of Office Suicidal

It was just yesterday that I wrote that, despite claiming to have more than a million subscribers, Vision America was a remarkably ineffective organization that rarely even generated any news coverage.

So wouldn’t you know it, today it shows up in a local report providing a response to efforts by Michael Newdow, the American Humanist Association, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation seeking to remove the phrase “so help me God” from the president’s oath of office.  Not surprisingly, VA’s Rick Scarborough sees it as exceedingly dangerous and suicidal:

Vision America, is a conservative, far right group working to keep God in government. Founder Dr Rick Scarborough said via cell phone, “The day we get to the insanity of banning God and prayer from inauguration is the day we finally commit suicide which we seem to be bent on doing.”

So I’ll ask again, can there really be a million people in this country who have signed up to regularly learn this man’s inane and paranoid views?  

The prospect that there just might be is rather terrifying.