Say Hello to The Faith and Freedom Institute and Goodbye to “Satanic Wickedness”

Yesterday we mentioned that there was a new Faith and Action affiliated right-wing group on the scene calling itself the Faith and Freedom Institute that believes that our nation’s myriad of problems are caused by our “rejection of God and His values.” NBC’s Lauren Appelbaum reports that they are out to fix that:

In the wake of James Dobson retiring from Focus on the Family, leaving a possible vacuum of power in evangelical leadership, Dr. Gary Dull and other Christian leaders are forming The Faith and Freedom Institute to combat “satanic wickedness” in order to return America to a foundation of Biblical principles.

“America was founded with a spiritual basis, but there are those who want to make it a purely secular nation,” Dull said near Capitol Hill Thursday. “Because of the rejection of God and His values, we can expect nothing but His judgment. All one needs to do is to read in history and find out how that when a nation forgot God, God forgot the nation.”

That is where Dull says the Faith and Freedom Institute plans to step in. According to Dull, the Institute “is being formed to lead America back to the knowledge of God in order to save the nation from the judgment of God.”

“Without a doubt, we believe that there is a definite agenda to destroy America that is being empowered by satanic wickedness and enhanced by Godless citizens,” Dull said. “The Faith and Freedom Institute desires to put those who have an adverse vision for America on notice that we will not lie down and allow them to overtake us and our heritage, but that we will intend to stand up and fight for those rights given to us by God Himself and proclaimed by many who committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to make America work.”

As a result, Dull blamed things like economic failure and moral decline to abortion and same-sex marriages on an idea that “God is being forgotten.”

Dull said the new Christian conservative organization would provide educational opportunities in order to motivate leaders to call for a return to God and basic values.

“The Faith and Forum Institute intends to motivate religious, governmental and social leaders, as well as the general public to confess the sins of forgetting God and His word, to repent and turn back to God, and begin to live by the values that made America great,” Dull said.