Satan Attacks Parsley’s Ministry for Second Year In A Row

It was last year at this time that Rod Parsley announced that his ministry had come under attack from Satan and was thus in facing a multi-million dollar shortfall.

It turned out that the “attack” was actually a lawsuit that stemmed from injuries a three year-old child had suffered at the hands of a teacher at Parsley’s World Harvest Church.

Parsley managed to overcome that attack … but for the second year in a row, Satan has caused his Breakthrough Ministries to suffer a massive financial shortfall:

Give $50 or more right now and receive the inspirational 2011 Daily Breakthrough Devotional … a blessing for you every single day of the New Year! $1.6 million shortfall could take our television ministry off the air — DON’T LET IT HAPPEN

Satan HATES the preaching of the Cross — because it means POWER for YOU … BLESSING for YOU!

He used the recession to scare people — many stopped trusting God, stopped giving — our ministry has been hard-hit by this trick of the enemy.

And so Parsley is urging his viewers to make large donations in order to fight back this attack by “the Adversary” who just hates Parsley’s success in winning souls and saving babies:

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