Sandy Rios: George Soros May Have Crashed The U.S. Economy In 2008 To Elect Obama

Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios told listeners yesterday that billionaire investor and the Right’s favorite boogeyman, George Soros, may have had “his fingerprints” on the 2008 financial crash in order to elect President Obama—and alleged that atheist leftists like Soros are motivated by Satan.

Rios, who was joined in her studio by American Family Association president Tim Wildmon, commented on news that Soros had moved $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. In response to this development, Rios asserted that since Soros was part of a group of hedge fund managers who bet against the British Pound in 1992, it’s reasonable to think he may have helped tank the U.S. economy in order to elect Obama.

“He manipulates, and some people, Tim, believe that—OK, I can’t corroborate, I can’t confirm this—but some people believe that George Soros’ fingerprints were on that 2008 stock market bottom-fell-out-of-everything crash that really probably paved the way for Barack Obama to become president,” Rios said.

Later in the broadcast, Rios proceeded to blame “Jewish atheist” Soros for the fact that communism is supposedly “thriving” around the world and finding a home in the left-wing Antifa movement in America.

“The world is filled with George Soros, and not with his money, but that’s why communism, too, has such a root and has still survived after so many decades—thriving, in fact,” Rios said.

Wildmon said that Soros’ identity as a Jewish atheist meant that he hated God in his heart because atheists live their life without purpose and look towards “nothing.”

“That always explains the difference between Christians/conservatives—they’re not the same, necessarily, as we both know—and liberals/atheists, because they live for today. That’s why they fight so hard,” Rios said.

Wildmon said one would think that atheists “wouldn’t be motivated by much of anything” because they don’t possess any “purpose or meaning in life.” Rios replied that atheist communists like Soros are motivated by Satan.

“The struggle is what they enjoy,” Rios said. “It’s the fights in the streets, it’s turning people, it’s the strife, it’s the angst—that’s what they live for. And so I always think they don’t understand who their real father is. Their father is the father of lies, and that really describes Satan.”