Sandy Rios: Celebrities Raising Money For Hurricane Victims Are ‘Stoking The Fires Of Racism’

Christian Right radio host Sandy Rios claimed this morning that yesterday’s celebrity fundraiser for hurricane relief was part of a pattern of the left using natural disasters to stir racial tensions.

On this morning’s edition of her radio show, Rios played a clip from last night’s fundraiser in which iconic singer Stevie Wonder said “when love goes into action,” it does not maintain political beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, adding that anyone who does not believe in global warming must be “blind or unintelligent.”

Rios asked her listeners, “I think that’s what we saw, did we not? Did we not see with our own eyes? Did people not call in and testify and say on television how they saw the rescue efforts being colorblind?”

“Evidentially maybe Stevie couldn’t see that because he is blind,” Rios said. “Maybe all he knows is what people told him. I don’t know.”

Rios went on to lament the fact that outwardly liberal celebrities such as Ray Romano, Beyoncé, and Leonardo DiCaprio participated in the fundraiser and accused them of provoking racial tensions.

“Go home,” Rios said, addressing the celebrities. “All of you just be quiet. Help people. Stop stirring and stoking the fires of racism and division in this country after these terrible disasters really have done quite a lot, I think, to soften hearts and bring people together.”

Rios cited Kanye West’s public statement at a celebrity fundraiser following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 during which the rapper declared former President George Bush “doesn’t care about black people.”

“We all remember how they used—meaning the left—used that hurricane to just completely divide the country racially,” Rios said.