Sam Rohrer: ‘Muslim Brotherhood Is Throughout’ Obama Administration, John Brennan Is A ‘Muslim Brotherhood Convert’

The American Pastors Network’s Sam Rohrer claimed in a radio interview last week that CIA Director John Brennan is a “Muslim Brotherhood convert” and that the Obama administration is covering up Islamic extremist activity in the U.S. because “they’ve been very, very sympathetic and in fact the Muslim Brotherhood is throughout this current administration.”

Earlier this month, Rohrer signed a letter along with the Family Research Council’s Jerry Boykin, Vision America’s Rick Scarborough, conservative pastors Rick Joyner and E.W. Jackson, and Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, objecting to the planned participation of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in an interfaith event at the Islamic Society of Boston, claiming that the event would serve to “provide political cover to one of the most intolerant, jihadist mosques in America.”

Claims that the Obama administration has promoted the Muslim Brotherhood and that Brennan secretly converted to Islam have been popularized by conspiracy theorists and circulated for years in right-wing circles.

Discussing the letter with talk radio host Mark Elfstrand last week, Rohrer claimed that while the FBI “has been watching” people connected with the Islamic center, such things are being covered up by the Obama administration because it is awash in Muslim Brotherhood agents, including Brennan:

But it should be understood and it must be understood by individuals in our country that the FBI itself, the head of the CIA, he is a Muslim Brotherhood convert, he’s an Islamic convert, our own CIA director. Muslim Brotherhood is throughout Homeland Security, they are throughout the Obama administration. And therein is a lot of the reason why these kinds of things have been either submerged or at least the light has not been shined upon them. And it also goes to answer part of the reason why this administration, this Obama administration has found it so difficult to identify terrorist actions as being Islamic terrorist actions.

He added that “there’s a reason why these kinds of things are either covered over or not addressed and certainly not identified by this administration, because they’ve been very, very sympathetic and in fact the Muslim Brotherhood is throughout this current administration.”