Ryan Dobson Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism

Ryan Dobson, the son of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, likened homosexuality with alcoholism yesterday on his radio program Grounded. While speaking with Warren Cole Smith of WORLD Magazine about the case of a lesbian couple who sued a bed and breakfast whose owner denied a room to same-sex couples out of fear that they would “defile the land” under the state’s public accommodation law, he said that people who are born gay are just like unabashed drinkers who say they are born with alcoholism. The younger Dobson, who is divorced, also mocked the lesbian couple for objecting to anti-gay discrimination while reading a news story about the suit:

‘A lesbian couple sues Hawaiian bed and breakfast, two women from Southern California’—shocker—‘suing the owner’—shocker—‘of a Hawaiian inn for denying them a room in 2007. According to the lawsuit, the owner of the Aloha Bead and Breakfast in Honolulu asked the woman booking the room if she and the woman whom she was trying to book a room with were a couple, she said they were, the woman said she was uncomfortable renting rooms to same-sex and any other unmarried couples.’ So now they’re suing, here’s what they want, they want monetary damages, because apparently their feelings were hurt to the sum of a great deal of money.

Warren here’s what I wonder, in this way could you sue a bartender for refusing you alcohol if you go, ‘listen I’m an alcoholic I was born this way, I was born this way, I can’t do anything about it, you are discriminating against me because I want more alcohol and you’re not serving me.’ It’s normally up to a bartender’s discretion to say, ‘I’m sorry buddy you’ve had too much,’ and I go, ‘it’s not up to you I had too much it’s up to me because I’m born this way and I can’t help it.’