Rule Number One: Know Your Right-Wing Leaders

Gov. Mitt Romney is well-positioned to capitalize on the fact that several right-wing leaders have already rejected several other GOP presidential hopefuls – a position that might be solidified if he can get the endorsement of James Dobson:  

It wasn’t quite an endorsement, but Mitt Romney must see promise in comments conservative icon James Dobson made about him yesterday.

Dobson, the influential leader of the Christian organization Focus on the Family, praised Romney on a radio program and said he may end up supporting him.

“I mean he’s very presidential and he’s got the right answers to many, many things,” Dobson told conservative commenator Laura Ingraham on her show. Dobson said he hasn’t decided whom to back, but that Romney “is still on the list.”

But if Romney hopes to take advantage of this position, he first needs to brush up on his understanding of which right-wing leader he’s busy pandering too: 

At the fund-raiser for Mitt Romney at the posh 1818 Club on Friday, the candidate was making the introductions to the room.

Romney gestured to Ralph Reed and said, “Why it’s good to see Gary Bauer here.” (For the detached, Bauer is a former presidential candidate with ties, like Reed, to the Religious Right.)

Romney then caught himself. “Oh, I’m a little mixed up here,” he said. But Romney still couldn’t place Reed’s face — and had to move on.

After the event, Romney approached Reed and apologized for misremembering him.

Ralph Reed (Left) and Gary Bauer

And just what is Reed doing at a Romney fundraiser anyway?  Is that any way to repay Rudy Giuliani for his support?