Roy Moore: “You Can’t Be Happy If You Don’t Follow God’s Laws”

Oddly, ever since we noted last year that infamous Ten Commandment judge Roy Moore was seeking the GOP nomination for Governor in Alabama, we haven’t written much about him. 

And it is not because we haven’t been paying attention, but rather because he seems to have really focused on his race and worked on cutting down on his crazy-talk, resulting in the very real possibility that he might actually be able to come out on top on the primary in two weeks, at least according to recent polls.

Bus as the race comes down to the wire, it looks like Moore is going to be placing more emphasis on how, if elected, he’ll make sure that Alabama’s follows “God’s law”: 

Over the clink of plates and cutlery, Republican hopeful and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore reaffirmed his belief in strict interpretations of the U.S. and Alabama constitutions and an unwavering belief in God’s law as a foundation of American democracy.

Moore said the U.S. has the best form of government that has ever existed and one firmly founded on a belief in God as the source of basic rights.

“President after president have recognized that our constitution exists because there is a God,” he said.

Moore also said the happiness mentioned in the Declaration of Independence is synonymous with the idea of justice as defined in the Bible.

“You can’t be happy if you don’t follow God’s laws,” he said. “If you follow God’s law, you can’t help but be happy.”