Ron Paul Guest Stars In Documentaries Made By 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

Yesterday, filmmaker James Jaeger of the Jaeger Research Institute publicized the films SPOiLER: How A Third Party Could Win and Original Intent, which “exposes the historical march of Cultural Marxism.” Guests in the films include far-right notables including Pat Buchanan, Chuck Baldwin, Ted Baehr and Edwin Vieira. Original Intent and SPOiLER also include one notable guest: congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul. In fact, Paul’s Campaign for Liberty is listed alongside the Jaeger Research Institute under the film’s “affiliations.”

Even a brief glance at Jaeger Research Institute’s “research” reveals that it is a fringe, conspiratorial organization. In 2003, the group published a column arguing that “Zionist Jews appear to control both parties” and that “the Zionist leadership betrayed the Jews of Europe during the Jewish holocaust.” Another writer for the Jaeger Research Institute wrote, “I find it hard to believe that there is no truth in any of the accusations of child murder leveled against Jews over the centuries.”

And who is James Jaeger?

Jaeger is an outspoken media critic who has claimed that the film industry has “a cultural Marxist agenda and it injects this agenda into about 10% of its annual output” and believes “the studios support the government agenda of endless expansion because they consider themselves in the elite that will dominate the New World Order.” He is also a big Ron Paul fan, but believes that the Council of Foreign Relations is determined to stop Paul’s candidacy: “The forces that are arrayed against the Ron Paul Revolution can be summed up in basically three letters: CFR.”

Last month, Jaeger wrote that the September 11th attacks were an inside job concocted by the CIA and Mossad:

On the bigger picture, what may have happened is this: when the cold war wound down, factions in the military-industrial-complex realized that they needed an excuse to justify an increase in the military budget. The first attack on the World Trade Center in the early 1990s was thus probably orchestrated by the CIA in conjunction with the military and/or Islamic extremists. Since this was deemed a “terrorist attack,” they were able to bring the Trade Center Towers under the auspices of the federal government (CIA and/or factions in the military industrial complex). This then gave certain actors years of access to the elevator system in the Twin Towers.

In the film I recommended, a World Trade Center elevator employee discussed the elevator system and the easy access one would have to the central steel core of the building. So this is how they may have gotten in there to slowly wire up the charges on the central column of the Towers and Building 7 over the course of as long as a decade. Once the towers were wired and ready to go, the CIA alone, but more likely in conjunction with elements in the Mossad, instigated or contracted with Osama bin Laden, directly or indirectly, to pull off the attacks. This why bin Laden was not “caught” for so long and why, and when he WAS “caught,” he was, of course, killed by the special forces that “caught him.” The central planners of 9-11 could not have him exposing what he knew.

Most likely, bin Laden had no idea the towers had been pre-wired for complete demolition. bin Laden’s job was simply to commandeer as many jets as possible and “attack” multiple targets so he could look good to this religious constituents. The reason for the multiple targets was to diffuse the New York attack. Had all the attacks been on the two towers, the public’s investigative powers would have been focused just on New York. Having the “terrorist” attacks executed over a wide area gave MUCH more credence to the idea that this was a concerted attack from a massive and very threatening force.