Roder Credits Robertson

Standing trial for murdering Dr. George Tiller, Scott Roeder admits that bought a gun, took target practice, and shot Tiller in the head as he attended church last spring.

But, Roeder insists, he was justified in doing so in order to stop Tiller from performing abortions and, in court today, admitted that Pat Robertson and his “700 Club” played a key role in his transformation into militant anti-choice activist: 

Roeder testified that he attended church with his family when he was younger, but did not consider himself religious until he had a conversion experience while watching the “700 Club” on television in 1992.

The popular show, hosted by Pat Robertson, airs on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“I was alone in my room,” Roeder said. “That day I did kneel down and accept Christ as my saviour at that time.”

After that, his views on abortion, which he had always considered wrong, became stronger.