Robertson Still Expected To Attend McDonnell’s Inauguration

Virginia’s Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch that even though he disagrees with with Pat Robertson’s statement that Haiti is “cursed” for having “swore a pact to the Devil,” he still expects his long-time ally and supporter to attend his inauguration, which will be held on Saturday:

Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell said in a brief interview yesterday that he had not seen religious broadcaster Pat Robertson’s comments on Haiti directly, “but from what I know of them, I disagree with those comments.”

McDonnell was asked to comment on Robertson after the governor-elect toured Henrico County’s Regional Jail East.

“My heart goes out to the people of Haiti,” McDonnell said. “The scope of the devastation and the hardship on the people and the scope of the death toll is just heartbreaking.”

The governor-elect received his law degree from the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, which was founded by Robertson.

McDonnell has said he expects Robertson, a longtime political ally and donor, to attend his inauguration tomorrow.