Robertson Sees Bolsheviks in West Virginia Hills

The Harrison County, West Virginia school board is facing a lawsuit over a large portrait of Jesus Christ that hangs in a public high school—at issue is whether the state is improperly endorsing a religion and whether the school is infringing the parents’ freedom of religion in raising their children, both First Amendment claims. But according to Pat Robertson, these First Amendment-filers “hate America” and are launching a “Bolshevik or Marxist takeover.”

Speaking on his “700 Club” program—which is run twice a day on ABC Family Channel and, according to Robertson’s network, is available in “95 percent of the television markets across the United States”—Robertson said,

The so-called progressives, ladies and gentlemen, have launched an all-out assault on all the foundational principles of our nation. And we found our liberties on the strength of our religious belief—that’s what the Declaration of Independence says. And the idea is, if you hate America, you will strip America of its religious values. And those who are doing this, let’s face it—this was a Communist plan some decades ago to undermine America, break up families, and break up religious belief and then the country would be subject to a Bolshevik or Marxist takeover. Well Marxism is in the ash-bin of history, but some of the Marxist followers in today’s world are still carrying that agenda forward.

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