Robertson Calls on Republicans to Show Some Backbone and Filibuster Every One of Obama’s Judicial Nominees

Via Media Matters comes this video of Pat Robertson calling on Republicans in the Senate to “filibuster every single one” of President Obama’s judicial nominees:

It’s one thing to get somebody elected to the legislature for a couple of years, the House of Representatives for four years, or the Senate for six years. But somebody who goes into a federal appeals court is there for life and I think it’s time for Republicans gave Democrats a dose of their own medicine. They were reckless in the way the filibustered perfectly legitimate, highly qualified judicial candidates, some of the most blatant examples of partisanship.   Well, it’s time for the Republicans to do the same thing and they ought to filibuster every single one.  But to put somebody who is an activist for ACORN, who’s an ACLU activist, who has a history of ultra-left wing decisions – the Republicans are going to need backbone, now’s the time to show it: