Robertson Calls Oklahoma Earthquake A Sign Of The End Times

Today on The 700 Club Pat Robertson said that the earthquake in Oklahoma this weekend was a sign of the End Times and that people must get “right with the Lord.” Back in August, Robertson suggested that the crack in the Washington Monument created by a Virginia earthquake was “a sign from the Lord.” Robertson warned today that the “intensity of earthquake activity” is a Sign of the Times:

Griffith: What in the world’s going on Pat?

Robertson: Well I think the earth is in a process of shifting around, these plates do move. Does this indicate some sort of a Sign of the Time? Jesus Christ said there would be earthquakes in diverse places and lo and behold we’re seeing an intensity of earthquake activity as the crust of the earth, which is floating all the time, it floats on the sea of magma, so these continents aren’t solid, they float and they move.

Ladies and gentlemen that’s just one more reason that we need to get ourselves right with the Lord. Regardless of what’s happening, the earth that we think is so solid, isn’t all that solid.