Robert Jeffress: God ‘Intervened For Christians In This Country’ By Making Trump President

Radical right-wing pastor Robert Jeffress appeared on Daystar TV’s “Marcus And Joni” program earlier this week to discuss the message he preached to Donald Trump at a private worship service shortly before Trump’s inauguration last week.

Jeffress told host Marcus Lamb that he was overcome by emotion while delivering his sermon “because I realized what God had done” to save this nation by electing Trump.

“To me, it was so obvious that God had intervened in that situation,” Jeffress said. “I believe He intervened for Christians in this country. I really do. I think we got a reprieve, we got a little bit longer in this country to share the Gospel … The window will close again here in America; we had better take advantage on Daystar and every other opportunity we have to share the Gospel while we still have that opportunity.”

Lamb agreed, getting choked up about how “God miraculously intervened” in the election and “gave America a second chance,” saying that if Hillary Clinton had been allowed to appoint more liberal justices to the Supreme Court, “we may not have ever gotten our country back.”