Trump Adviser Robert Jeffress: Democrats Worship the Demon God Moloch

Right-wing pastor Robert Jeffress appeared on Todd Starnes’ radio program yesterday, where the two agreed that Democrats do not worship the Christian God and may, in fact, worship the demon god Moloch.

Jeffress said that Trump is “the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-Israel, pro-conservative judiciary president we have ever had” and warned that “if the left ever regains control of this country again, our nation is finished.”

“I believe that,” replied Starnes. “I have no doubt that they want to especially go after and target Christians in America.”

“I believe that if the left ever gets in control again,” Jeffress said, “they are going to come after conservatives with a vengeance.”

Jeffress went on to rail against “this sanctimonious Nancy Pelosi” for daring to encourage people to pray for the president and for America.

“That reminds me of an arsonist, a pyromaniac with a match in his hand about to set a building on fire, saying, ‘Now pray with me that the destruction I’m about to cause isn’t too severe,'” Jeffress fumed. “If Nancy Pelosi is sincere about bringing this nation together, she will drop this impeachment effort.”

“We just assume they’re praying to God,” Starnes added. “I’m not quite sure.”

“Apparently the god they worship is the pagan god of the Old Testament, Moloch, who allowed for child sacrifice,” Jeffress answered. “The God of the Bible doesn’t sanction the killing of millions and millions of children in the womb. I think the god they are worshiping is the god of their own imagination.”