RightMarch.com Founder Desperate for Cash

Last week, we noted that Bill Greene, founder of the RightMarch.com mailing list, was able to use his list – and his contacts with the right-wing activists who use it – in his campaign for Congress. RightMarch.com distributed an endorsement from Minuteman Civil Defense Corps founder Chris Simcox, who emphasized that Greene would need “financial firepower” in order to “blanket the local radio and television markets with a barrage of ads.”  Indeed, even though Greene announced his candidacy in February, an April 2 report on the June 19 special election did not even mention Greene as a candidate, suggesting that, while known among right-wing activists on the Internet or as a supporter of a novelty tax plan, he has a tough case to make to voters in his Georgia district.

Within days of our blog post, Greene once again appealed to his subscribers, warning that he is “under attack” by this blog. Greene proudly, if mistakenly, claimed that we called him a “right-wing leader” – a label we used instead for the clients of his e-mail service, such as Simcox. Nevertheless, Greene cut to the chase: being mentioned on a blog means that his campaign has hit the big time – and that means he needs “a LOT of money.”

Bill Greene needs our help NOW. Today, March 31st, is the first deadline for filing campaign fundraising reports with the FEC. If we want to really shake up the liberal forces of pro-illegal immigration, we need to make sure they know that Americans will support a strong conservative who’s willing to take a stand against the radical liberals trying to destroy American sovereignty.

It’s going to take a LOT of money to fight back against well-funded liberal groups like PFAW. Please, give as much as you can — whether it’s the legal limit of $2300, $1000, $500, $250, $100, or even $50 — whatever you can give, it’s needed right away.