Right-Wing Vlogger Says Her Peers Suggested Planting Protesters At Events

Blaire White, a right-wing and pro-Trump vlogger who lives in California, said in a video uploaded yesterday that some of her peers—who she left unnamed—suggested that she plant fake protesters at events who would appear to oppose her and her ideology.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, White offered her subscribers an explanation about why she’s been producing less political content in the past couple month: That she realized her peers were faking their beliefs. It’s worth pointing out that White once claimed she was assaulted simply for wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat,” but police say White had crossed a police line meant to separate pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups and incited the altercation.

White said that many political commentators in her cohort in Los Angeles “just flat-out don’t believe” what they preach on-air. Or as she put it, “They’re just actors.”

White, who identifies as a transgender woman, said that one host approached her in a staging area before she was to appear on their show and told her that they didn’t feel negatively towards transgender people, despite their rhetoric that would suggest otherwise, telling her they make those remarks on the show because “that’s what the fans want.” She claims that many conservative personalities that have hosted her on programs have expressed similar sentiments, including on “huge principle positions.”

Another explosive claim made by White is that while she was planning a tour that eventually fell through, “someone who’s very prominent in the social/political commentary sphere” told her that she should “plant fake protesters outside of [her] event.”  A graphic on screen reads: “They also stated they knew of 4 other famous speakers who used this practice.”

“Not only that, they said, ‘Make fake signs because you’re probably going to get protesters but you want to amp the numbers.’ This person instructed me to—me, myself, or my team and myself—make signs saying things that were super, super ridiculous to put outside and bulk up the numbers of people who may protest at my events,” White said. “And it made me sick because, clearly, this person has done that.”

She adds, “a lot of these people were on the complete opposite end of the political spectrum just a couple years ago, publicly, before the money started flowing on the other side and that makes me uncomfortable.”

White has appeared on shows hosted by right-wing pundits including Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Steven Crowder, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, Jesse Lee Peterson, Dave Rubin, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulous, and Andy “Warski” Pires.