Right Wing Round-Up: The One Day Dictator

  • PFAW: People For the American Way Mourns the Death And Celebrates the Life of Founder Norman Lear.
  • People For the American Way is mourning the death of its founder Norman Lear, who remained an active board member until his death on Dec. 5, 2023. Lear died at home, surrounded by loved ones, at the age of ​​​101.

  • Josh Fiallo @ The Daily Beast: Mike Johnson’s Office Walks Back Reason For Blurring Insurrectionists’ Faces.
  • Just hours after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) declared Tuesday that rioters in the Jan. 6 insurrection would have their faces blurred in security footage so they’d avoid prosecution by the DOJ, a spokesperson walked back the Republican leader’s statement.

  • Alex Griffing @ Mediaite: Kevin McCarthy Ends Career, Announces Will Retire At the End of The Month.
  • Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced on Wednesday he will leave Congress at the end of December.

  • Douglas Soule @ The Tallahassee Democrat: ‘That’s authoritarianism’: Florida argues school libraries are for government messaging.
  • Florida’s government is arguing that school districts have a First Amendment right to remove LGBTQ books. Or any book, for that matter.

  • Mariana Alfaro @ The Washington Post: Trump says he wouldn’t be a dictator ‘except for Day One.’
  • Former president Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would not be a dictator upon returning to office “except for Day One,” as he largely deflected questions at a televised town hall event about whether he would abuse his powers to seek retribution against his political adversaries.

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