Right Wing Round-Up: The GOP’s Neo-Nazi Problem

  • PFAW: Edit Memo: Inside Trump’s Plan to Pack Our Courts and Repeal the New Deal.
  • Michael Keegan @ Medium: The GOP’s Neo-Nazi Problem.
  • Kelly Weill @ The Daily Beast: Charlottesville Hate Marcher Elected by Republican Party.
  • Right Richter: Right-wing media goes wild for dubious Tucson ‘sex trafficking camp’.
  • Zoe Tillman @ BuzzFeed: Prosecutors From Mueller’s Team Accused Paul Manafort Of Trying To Tamper With Potential Witnesses.
  • Matt Shuham @ TPM: WH Blames Eagles For ‘Political Stunt’ Even Though Trump Cancelled Visit.
  • Caleb Ecarma @ Mediaite: VA GOP Senate Front-Runner Praised White Nationalist and Named Apparent Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteer of the Week’.