Right Wing Round-Up: The Church Of Trump

  • Michael C. Bender @ The New York Times: The Church of Trump: How He’s Infusing Christianity Into His Movement
  • Ending many of his rallies with a churchlike ritual and casting his prosecutions as persecution, the former president is demanding — and receiving — new levels of devotion from Republicans.

  • Sarah Posner @ Talking Points Memo: Apocalyptic Picture Trump Paints For Evangelicals Shows Where Campaign Is Headed
  • Donald Trump’s late February speech to the annual National Religious Broadcasters’ convention received a short-lived spurt of media attention, largely for its menacing pledges to protect Christians from supposed persecution by a “wicked system” and the “radical” left. But it would be a mistake to consign this speech to one-day-on-the-campaign trail status. Despite some assessments of the speech as “rambling,” “wild,” and “incoherent,” it actually lays out a cogent, comprehensible narrative — for evangelicals.

  • Alex Thompson @ Axios: Trump allies plot anti-racism protections — for white people
  • If Donald Trump returns to the White House, close allies want to dramatically change the government’s interpretation of Civil Rights-era laws to focus on “anti-white racism” rather than discrimination against people of color.

  • Angry White Men: Laura Loomer: Letitia James, Kamala Harris, And Fani Willis Are ‘Ghetto Black Women’
  • On her Rumble show, Loomer Unleashed, conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer interviewed white nationalist Peter Brimelow whose organization, VDARE, is currently being investigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. During their conversation, Loomer went on a wildly racist tirade in which she called Letitia James, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis “ghetto Black women.”

  • Matthew Sheffield @ Flux: MAGA media outlets are showcasing the extreme policies a second Trump administration would enact
  • Whatever you may happen to think about Joe Biden or Donald Trump, the presidency is not a one-person job. Overwhelmingly, the work inside any White House is done by the advisors. They form policies, promote them to the public, and then make the federal government carry them out.

  • Alex Kaplan @ Media Matters: Trump appeared at a Mar-a-Lago event hosted for QAnon and Pizzagate supporter Mike Smith and his conspiracy theory film
  • Former President Donald Trump appeared onstage at a Mar-a-Lago event with filmmaker and QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Smith and former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The film screened at the event, which was hosted by Flynn’s America’s Future, was the sequel to Smith’s film that pushed the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

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